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12 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Know

12 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Nail hacks that every fashionable girl needs to know. Not always when we have some problem with the nails, we can go to a salon and solve it. Because of that, dear ladies. I suggest 12 nail hacks every girl should know, and which will help when you are in a difficult situation.

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1 Peel Off Glitter Polish

Many fashionable girls want nails with using glitter polish. The nails look nice but it is a problem when the nail polish should be cleaned.


2. Fast drying of the nail polish. After applying nail polish, we need to be very careful, because with one bad movement and the nail polish can be damaged. Because of that, after applying nail polish, rinse the nails with cold water, or put them in a bowl with cold water and ice for about 1-2 minutes. The cold water will help for the nail polish to get dry.

3. Clean the stains of nail polish with toothpaste.

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4. For a beautiful manicure use glass nail file.

5. When you are using neon colors for better glow and look of the nails, use white color under it.

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6. To make the nail polish last longer, use apple vinegar.

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7. Many of us want to remove the gel polish in our home. How to do that, look in continue.
8. If you like to make a French manicure at home, look at the following trick.
9. With the problem of peeled nail polish, have faced almost every fashionable girl. To cover it temporarily, use glitter.
10. How to decorate your nails with heart, look below.

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11. Usually. When we cut our nails, they are flying all over the place, and then we need to pick them up. To prevent that from happening, just moisten them with water.
12. If you cannot open the nail polish, put it in a bowl with warm water; just turn it over like on the picture.


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