4 Basic Interior Design Rules That Everyone Should Know

Interior design at first glance may seem a simple thing.However, when you start work you will meet with problems. Therefore it is necessary to follow the rules of interior design to achieve maximum visual impact. Today I will show you 4 basic interior design rules that everyone should know .


1. Achieve balance in the interior
There are three types of visual balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. Symmetrical balance is achieved by placing the elements identical in shape, size. Second type, radial balance assumes allocation of the elements symmetrically around a central point.Third, asymmetrical balance visually is more active and dynamic. Asymmetrical balance is more flexible, and easier to adapt to the changes of space and function.


2. Color selection

Do not use more than two contrasting colors in one room. Try not to use more than two contrasting patterns, such as vertical stripes and floral patterns.Be careful, if you miss the right combination, the room will look like complete chaos.Choosing colors for the apartment should understand how important decision, because to change color in the future will not be so easy.


3. Dark colored walls visually reduce the room
When choosing colors for the walls, keep in mind that if you choose darker colors visually will reduce the space of the room, and if you choose a brighter colors visually will expand the space of the room.The same applies to the ceiling, dark shades visually will reduce the space of the room, but if you insist to have ceiling with dark color then paint walls into bright color with vertical texture.Before you paint the walls and ceiling, decide what kind of furniture you like to have in the room.


4. Layout of furniture

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Not always sofas and armchairs strictly must to be close to the wall. If the room size allows, you can make different configuration. Do not place large furniture elements in a small room, it shall make the room even smaller. If the room is small, make sure that the proportions of the furniture completely corresponds to the size of the room. For example, if you have a modern sofa, do not put a small chair near.

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