Amazing Balcony Garden Ideas

All we want to turn the balcony into a beautiful oasis-balcony garden . Even a small balcony can become a haven for rest and turn into a small patio or small yard. In the article we present some balcony garden ideas.

Amazing Balcony Garden Ideas

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You do not know from where to start?
Well, of course should start with cleaning of the balcony, remove everything from the balcony that you do not need. Make plan how you want your garden to look: for example, can be strict and accurate in every way “English garden” or “picturesque “natural, depends entirely of your taste and character.If your garden is small modest balcony then an ideal option would be a combination of hanging plants and colorful flowers. In such garden decide for two types of plants: those that bloom beautiful or those who are able to of creating shadow. Of course should set table with chairs. Size and number depends from how big is your balcony. Do not overfill the balcony with a furniture.

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