Amazing DIY Room Divider Ideas

Decorative room divider arrived in Europe from the Far East. Chinese masters have used them since the ancient times.
Dividers are designed to separate one part of a room from another. Dividers can be low or high to the ceiling, often isolated from the walls. Dividers can easily fit into any space and are ideal for large rooms. amazing diy room divider ideas


amazing diy room divider ideas 1source


Dividers can be placed between the living room and dining room, kitchen and dining room, kitchen and living room, living room and hallway, and to divide large office, bedroom, bathroom and shower room, a room for children. Dividers bring dose of elegance and mystique




They are usually made of several different materials: metal, wood, glass or plastic and can be of different fabrics, linen, silk or satin. Their role is simply to divide the room, but they can have function of board on which will hang pictures or postcards. Dividers can easily be moved to where you want and that is their largest asset. You can do it yourself dividers from old door, planks, textile or other material.










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