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Baroque Style Interior Design Ideas

Baroque Style Interior Design Ideas

Baroque style is the opposite of classicism and rationalism. The basic idea of the Baroque style can be considered rejection of “naturalness” that becomes synonymous with savagery. Baroque (Italian Barocco – “vicious”, “prone to excesses,” port Perola barroca, literally, pearl with heart) – artistic and architectural style direction in the European art of XVII-XVIII century, the center of this style was Italy. Materials used in the design of interiors in baroque style are precious metals, ivory, precious woods that are soft and suitable for carving, marble making decor often not only luxury, but somehow both overwhelmed. The colors that are typical of the Baroque style are white and gold.

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Colors play an important role in the design of interiors in baroque style, in this style colors are strong and vibrant. The walls are usually dark, from color of the wine to almost black. The motives of gold are very characteristic of the Baroque style, because it is a treasure that is so eager to point out in this style. The furniture in the Baroque style is always soft, different couches, chairs legs, and numerous characteristic curves baroque forms. The bed in the Baroque style in the bedroom is with plenty of drapes and curtains.

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There are often engraved and wrought iron beds with upholstered headboard, made with expensive materials. Sita Baroque style furniture should be made of wood, preferably dark. Lighting is very important for this style. Strong fluorescent lights will spoil the whole atmosphere. Lighting should be soft, almost intimate. If you want to achieve complete authenticity, rather than the usual chandeliers you can use tuse candelabra with candles or their modern counterparts and don’t worry about the drops of wax on the surface of the furniture.


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