Best Watermelon Diet to Lose Weight and Body Detox


Watermelon diet is one of the most “delicious” and effective method of weight loss, that just for five days can lose a few kilos, to expel toxins from the body and get rid of 2 3 inches at the waist. If you follow the diet with watermelon can effectively clear the body of toxins and normalize. With the help of diet with watermelon may lose 3 kg for 5 days. In the diet is strictly prohibited use of watermelons that are early maturing, perennial. They may contain nitrates that can cause severe intoxication of the organism.

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Check the presence of nitrates in the watermelon, it can check at home. Put a piece of watermelon without rind in water 30 to 40 minutes, if the watermelon contains nitrates will fall apart and colored water, and normal watermelon will keep its shape. Menu watermelon diet. The basis of this diet is to limit eating watermelon daily. 1 kilogram of watermelon is on 10 kg body weight (if your weight is 90 kilograms could eat 9 kilograms of watermelon). All other products are prohibited. Watermelon can be eaten at any time.

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You can drink only plain water or green tea without sugar. The main disadvantage of watermelon diet is that it can’t be used for diseases of the kidney and urinary tract – kidney stones, pyelonephritis, diabetic disorders, etc. As for the disadvantages of this diet should be attributed to weight loss because removal of excess fluid from the body at the beginning of the diet, rather than losing excess fat.

Watermelon Detox Water Recipe

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