Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas this Season


Halloween decoration begins with preparing Halloween related stuff that is scary and fun to make. If you have kids around, then you must have decorated the pretty pumpkins for the Halloween day. For this day you have to bring alive your craft skills if you have to make some DIY Halloween decoration ideas at home. The following article will show you how you can make some pretty and scary DIY Halloween decorations that are inexpensive, but will not make them look cheap either. Your guests will be interested to know from where you got these interesting looking stuff for the Halloween night.

Imagine coasters that look like cobwebs, yes these creepy looking cobweb coasters are quite an interesting Halloween decoration idea that kids in the house will surely love it. It is an inexpensive decoration idea and serves the purpose. These creepy saucers have five bobby pins that are hooked onto a 3/8 inch flat metal washer. Wrap a twine around and thread through each bobby pin. Use a spray paint to make it look white for that scary cobweb look. Place some toy spiders around the table and you are done.


These glass ghosts are a must for the Halloween decoration. Save these bottles if you are planning to make these ghosts at home this Halloween. Remove all the labels and caps from the bottle and spray paint them with white. Once dried, draw eyes with a black marker. You can throw in some straws for the cute centerpieces. Wow!! Doesn’t it look cute?


This spooky terrarium converts cute woodland into a scary place with skeletons and spiders. To decorate you will need twigs, rocks and moss, which along with some Halloween themed decoration stuff like skulls and scary birds will do the job sufficiently. Create the scene with an upside down lid of a mason jar. When the mini landscape is complete, screw the jar onto the lid and place this in the window. You can have them placed next to the front door instead of the pumpkin.

Make your table settings look creepy with the vampire napkin ring. Splash some white colored cloth napkins with red Kool-aid. Thread a twist tie through a set of plastic vampire teeth. Secure the twist tie around the centre of the napkin and your Halloween vampire napkin ring is ready to scare your guests.

With simple techniques you can transfer these spooky images onto fabric using the regular printer. But, make sure you have the black ink cartridge full before you start printing. The wooden embroidery hoops shown here can be purchased from a crafts store. If fabric hangings are not your thing, pop images into frames and hang them all around the house.

The ghostly lanterns look difficult to make, but the fact is, they are pretty easy to make. It is less costly to make and look cheerful too. Draw a few spooky images on the empty and clean milk gallons. Fill them with white holiday lights to decorate your porch or walkway for a ghostly Halloween.

  • Wicked Witch Candy Dish

    DIY Halloween Decorations Idea

Did you know that you can turn a pair of old heels into a bewitching candy bowl? It’s just simple to make, you need to wrap the heels in cheap sparkly paper, decorate and fill with some Halloween treats. Place it on the dinner table and enjoy the look on your guest’s faces.

  • Hanging Bats and Ghosts

    DIY Halloween Decorations Idea

Halloween is not complete without the ghosts and bats. Egg cartons are always available at home, instead of throwing them away; you can involve kids to convert these egg cartons into bats that can be hanged as a part of Halloween decorations. Just cut, paint and draw googly eyes and your bats are ready to scare the night out. Make cute and cheap Halloween ghosts by painting leaves in white and then drawing a spooky face with a marker.

You would want to preserve these cobwebs forever and would never want to dust it away. These DIY simple to make Halloween cobwebs make a chic and cheap yarn spider webs to decorate the light fixtures, to hang on railings or to drape over curtains. Attach a plastic spider to each sack to complete the scary sacks for Halloween.

To give a classic look to the lanterns, spray a few pumpkins with white paint before wrapping them in lace. If you don’t have any lace handy, then use a thick lace headband or cut a strip of lace stocking and wrap it around the widest part of the pumpkin. Place an artificial spider near the pumpkin to create a spooky feel around.

Make some cheap and festive Halloween ornaments and bulbs to decorate your house or yard. Cover these ornaments with paper Mache and paint them with Halloween prints like the striped witch stockings, ghosts and pumpkins.

You will need a ceramic house, black matte spray paint, hollow carvable hollow pumpkin, acrylic paints; battery operated mini LED light string, fairy garden bench, spice jar lids, paint brush, moss, glue gun and drill.

How to make

Spray paint the ceramic house and wait for it to dry. Using an acrylic paint, paint the house details.  Paint the interior of the pumpkin with acrylic paint. Allow it to dry before you add additional details. Using a ¼ inch drill, drill a hole at the back of the pumpkin near the bottom portion. Insert a light string through this hole and spread the lights on the floor. Arrange the house and bench inside the pumpkin and glue to the floor using the jar lids underneath to add any height if needed. Glue moss to the floor and around the jar lids.