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Cool Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed

Cool Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed

Cool inventions That You Never Knew You Needed  .It is fact, that in the future, the houses and the apartments will be “smart”, you probably know that. The technique is constantly changing and developing, and it will make for us to live more easily. In our life, every day there are more and more new elements. And we expect them with anxiety their appearance that will make our lives easy. Kitchen board that you can put on the sink. This board is very good for a small kitchen. When you will put the kitchen board on the sink, you can prepare the meals on it.

1. Cool inventions-Drumi-Washing Machine With a Pedal

This little washing machine works very simple with a simple use of 10 liters water, absolutely without electricity!

cool inventions-Drumi-washing machine with a pedalsource

2. Lockitron Bolt

This is a very useful thing, when you are going to work, or on a trip. This tool works with a Bluetooth, on your phone. You will always know when someone enters or goes out of your home.

Cool Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed -Lockitron Boltsource

3. Baby Shower Cap

I am sure that many parents use this cap when bathing the baby. It protects the baby’s eyes from the water.

shower cap for babiessource

4. Sengled Snap Light Bulb

It is more than just a light, because except for lighting, it makes sure that the home is safe, thanks to the built in monitor, microphone, wireless camera, the program recognizes the face.

sengled snap light bulb-cool inventionssource

5. Cover Luna

One of the recent winners of the Kickstarter, “Luna” is a cover for the mattress, it follows the dream and the health, and it is in condition to control the temperature of the bed and to wake you up in the morning.

Cool Inventions That You Never Knew You Needed - Cover Lunasource

6.Smarty Brush-Beam Brush Smart ToothBrush

Smarty Brush is a brush that follows how you wash the teeth. The frequency of the moving. The force and the duration of the process of pressure. All the data are transferred to your Smartphone, formed as a visual and statistic analyze of the application. Then you can get recommendation of how to improve your everyday ritual.



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