Entryway Design Ideas


The entryway to the house is very important to be properly organized and nicely furnished. How to design entryway? Before you begin designing the entryway, consider its functional implications. Whether this space should serve only as an intermediary between the rooms or has another function as well. Do you have enough space in the hallway to accommodate storage systems: open shelves or drawers, chairs ,etc. Maybe you want to put on the walls family photos or art collection. Or maybe wonderful souvenirs brought from various trips and you want to set them at the entrance. When you answer these questions, you can start decorating the entryway.


If the entrance is too small you should pay special attention to the colors. The choice of colors shall be bright colors. Ideal for narrow space is white color that can visually expand and lighten the area. In order not to make the entrance different from the other rooms in the home, the color of the walls should be similar to the colors of the other rooms.

white entry decor ideassourcecontemporary-entrysource

If you want to choose a dark color for the walls or wallpaper, then consider lighting, there should be lots of light . Although there are many options for finishing the ceiling, for the best are considered smooth ceilings in white (or in proper color with wallpaper) with built-in ceiling lights and lamps with cold light.


The design of the floor also has great significance, it should be made of material that is easy to maintain. As you know, the entrance is a place where we have the first contact with dirty shoes. As the material for floor are used ceramic tiles, they are easy to clean and resistant to moisture. Besides tiles, you can use the flooring or laminate. The design of the entrance incorporates a selection of furniture. If your hallway is small, then a lot of furniture is not needed. Of course, it all depends on the size of space, but even a small hallway must contain the following elements: clothes hanger, closet for clothes and shoes, table or rack for keys and other small items.entryway shelf with hookssource