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Guide For Winter Skin Care

Guide For Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care is a little more complicated then in the warm months. If you like to keep the skin healthy, you need to pay enough attention and patience to it; in opposite you will not be able to get rid of the constant peeling, glowing and irritation. Nourishing of the epidermis must be adjusted to the winter months. In principle, gentle peelings are recommended, which help to get rid of the dead cells. Special attention should be dedicated on the skin around the eyes, that part of the skin is thinner and slope to unwanted effects in the winter.Guide For Winter Skin Caresource

Guide For Winter Skin Care

winter skin caresource

1. Winter daily crèmes should contain mainly vegetable oils and vitamins in its contain. The vegetable oils form protective layer on the surface of the skin and in that way they are nourishing the skin and keep its moisture.

2. Night crème before bed time is a perfect evening nourish of the skin of the face. The night crème should contain at least moisturizing and nourishing ingredients so the skin will stay nourished and remove the dehydration of the skin.

3. Tonal crème during the winter will not only hide the disadvantages of the skin, but, also, will protect it.

4. For Winter skin care Use moisturizer during the winter and keep the air in your home moisture. The skin is slope to drying, when the air is dry, so you need to keep the humidity in the room.

5. Don’t use crème that serve to moisturize the skin, because they can be dangerous, especially in the cold days. Crème based on water can close the pores on the skin on the face.

6. In the winter you need to use moisture masks made from natural components, usually include cosmetic oils, fruit, vegetable, herb teas, eggs and honey.
7. For skin protection in the winter the best are vitamins A and D (they not only nourish the skin but also, help the cells to renew). If the crème you are using don’t contain these vitamins, you can buy them in the pharmacy and add drop by drop in the crème you usually use.





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