Healthy Holiday & Christmas Cookies Recipes


Healty Christmas cookies are special cookies, baked with great attention and with the expectation of the holiday. Every family has a special recipe for christmas cookies. They can be totally different, but most often they are baked in shapes of Christmas threes, ginger men, stars or animals. The mandatory ingredients in the preparation of the dough have to be the spices: cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, rosemary. Those who don’t like spices, as alternative they can use chocolate, honey and walnuts. For decorating the healty holiday& christmas cookies you can use weep crème, jelly, powder sugar, food color etc. if you like, you can set these cookies on the Christmas tree, but don’t forget to make holes in the dough so you can hang them on the tree. In the preparation of the Christmas cookies, you can include the children; it is especially fun for them. Easy making, great taste and an abundance of delicious toppings, will make the process of preparing the Christmas cookies, really fun. In continue we have found for you one of the best Healty Holiday & Christmas Cookies Recipes . Under every photograph, there is a link of the way of preparing them.

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