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Honey Lemon Diet to Lose 3 kg in a Week

Honey Lemon Diet to Lose 3 kg in a Week

Excess weight is a problem of today. If you want to go on holiday or to wear your favorite dress, then you look for the most effective diet that soon you will lose excess weight fast with  honey lemon diet to lose 3 kg in a week. If you want to lose up to 3 kilos a week, honey lemon diet will help, it is the right choice for you. Forget harmful sugars and replace them with natural honey. The primary goal of this diet is to rid your body of craving for sugar. Honey diet  is one of the most balanced and simple, it helps in weight loss without starvation and grueling exercise, this is achieved through the correct proportions, the regime and the properties of honey. Main product of this diet is honey. Every day, one hour before meals drink honey drink, the drink should drink it in the morning, hungry ,and two hours before bedtime.Honey Lemon Diet to Lose 3 kg in a Week 1source

To prepare honey lemon water  you need:

1 tablespoon honey,

250 grams of warm water

2 tablespoon lemon juice

All ingredients mix nicelyHoney Lemon Diet to Lose 3 kg in a Weeksource

With this diet you can eat as usual, but the total number of calories should not exceed 1100

Drinking water and tea can be in unlimited quantities if tea does not contain sugar. Your diet should include vegetables and fruits. These vitamins, minerals, fiber, for good digestion. In salads add sesame, flax, and a small amount of olive or linseed oil. In addition, can not to give up from fat completely. But such oils will provide your body’s Omega 3. Give preference to complex carbohydrates. Bread from no sieved flour, cereals, brown rice, will give you a sense of satiety. Proteins are very important for the body, use obligatory. Eat chicken, veal without fat, eggs, egg white only.


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