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Latin American Art Museum ,Miami

Latin American Art Museum ,Miami

By a private collector will be built a beautiful gallery, specializing in modern and contemporary art from Latin America:  latin american art museum ,Miami (LAAM). For this project has engaged the architectural studio FR-EE with very famous artists.
The newlatin american art museum is anchored in a residential complex with 111 units, which is still in the planning stage. So, sculptural design architect Fernando Romero provides a high proportion of public land in the form of cascades that overlapping terraces, where and how it is displayed on the open sculpture.


Terraces are intended to raise the interest of passersby and reminiscent of a tropical architecture. They allow natural ventilation, creating a link between of the inside and outside, thus ensuring the presence of the sun and sea at the museum.


Each floor has a specific program, but obviously follows this hierarchy: On the first floor is for the work of young artists, the other is reserved for the maintenance of special exhibitions and the third floor is the 600 works from the permanent collection. On the upper deck of the building was planned to be a restaurant.



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