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Lemon Detox Diet Plan and Recipe

Lemon Detox Diet Plan and Recipe

Lemon detox diet is very popular many people from the elite of Hollywood, with the help of this diet lose from 5 to 10 kilograms for two weeks. In this case the diet consist minimal amount of nutritive goods to keep under control, but is it enough to clean your body from the unwanted toxins. If you are searching for a detox diet, with which you will lose the extra kilograms and will normalize your metabolism, than the Lemon Detox diet is for you. Master Cleanse had invented in 1940 Stanley Burroughs, his invention, lemonade or diet for lemon detox. Lemon detox diet is one of the rare 100 % organic, natural methods of detoxification.lemon-water-detox-recipe-weightlosssource

Lemon Detox Diet Plan

It is cheap, easy for making and offers an impressive amount of healthy privileges. The preparing of this diet is very important.

Three days before starting the diet, you need to replace the meat and meat products with fresh fruit and vegetable.

Two days before the diet you need to consume fruit and vegetable juices and soups.

During the diet is recommended to do aerobic exercises, but not to make hard training.

IMPORTANT: during the diet, you will need to drink 6-12 glasses lemonade a day, to make sure you have the needed minimum of energy (600-1200kcal). The lemon diet lasts 6-8 days.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

To prepare the lemonade you will need

200 ml cold water,

juice from half a lemon

2 spoons natural maple syrup,

a pinch of cayenne pepper

All the ingredients are mixed,if often can be felt hungry after drinking 2 liters a day from this drnik lemon-detox-diet-plan-and-recipe

After finishing the diet, the first three days you need to eat exactly like when you have started it. With the lemon diet you can easily lose weight. And besides this fact, the quick losing of the weight for such a short time can be dangerous for your health. This diet is recommended only for very healthy people and under medicine supervision.


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