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Living Room Designs & Decorating Ideas

Living Room Designs & Decorating Ideas

You can not but agree with the fact that the living room is center of the house where the whole family are. Design of the living room is the face of the whole apartment, so this room should be warm, welcoming. There are no parts in it which it is not important. When selecting the design of the living room is very important to pursue a style or a combination of several styles in order to make this harmonious space. Multipurpose room to look harmoniously, use the combining techniques. For example, work chairs of the same fabric as the sofa.



Do not forget to emphasize the living room with an office main purpose is a living room, so in the center will be sofa, chairs, coffee table – all that creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. If you like the interior in bright colors, but still you want a bit of it, “colorize”, try using a light, now in the shops sell special multi-color lighting system – find your desired option.


Make a luxurious living room, hanging pleated curtains full length of the wall. Raise the curtain rod as high as possible, and the fabric is slightly touched to the floor – it looks very impressive.


The house where lives a large family, always need a lot of storage space – use the right wall surface – buy high cabinets with mezzanines or hanging shelves. By creating a new image of the room, think about how it will look in the evening. For example, a sleek minimalist interior may look too cold and dark, so add the “warming” part: small lamps, floor lamps with soft light or candles to make the room more inviting in the evening light. In large rooms try not to use a lot of small jewelry – they get lost and give the impression of disorder. Two or three large pieces of the original design – a sculpture, a vase, a picture – looks advantageous and emphasize the amount of space.
The pale colors visually enhances the living room. In addition, with vivid detail you can highlight specific parts of the room, diverting attention away from those areas that you would like to hide.

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Gentle natural colors will make the interior more cozy and homey – they do not become obsolete as quickly as topical bright colors or flashy fashionable design, and they do not tired your eyes.


If you are lucky enough to own a beautiful view from the window – frame it as a work of art. Hang a simple, plain curtains that will not drag our attention from the landscape outside the window.


Lay a carpet in the living room bright for you too radical? Then buy a small pad.

If you decide to decorate the living room mirror, hang it low enough that the furniture was reflected in it almost completely – then there will emerge impressions that “slaughtered” space. Bouquets of fresh flowers around the house – fun, accessible to us in the spring and summer.



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