Removes Belly Fat With Homemade Lemon and Mint Drink

Flat stomach is an ideal for beauty and a ream for every woman. Removes belly fat with homemade lemon and mint drink.Unfortunately, the waist and the stomach are one of the most problematic areas, on which the body fat accumulate mostly. Uneven stomach can be connected with the holding of the liquids, which gives more volume to this area. All of us, without exception, want to have flat stomach, and many of us try to achieve that. For some of them it nee s very hard work and exercises. In today’s article, I will give you a recipe with which you can throw away the extra water and to approve the immunity and to achieve the goal-flat stomach.removes belly fat with homemade lemon and mint drink


removes belly fat with homemade lemon and mint drink

With a simple lemonade, on base of ginger, lemon, mint and cucumber

What do we need?

2 spoons minces fresh ginger,

1 middle sized pickle,

2 liters of water,

1 lemon with medium size and

15 leaves of fresh mint.

The preparation is very simple. In warm water put the leaves of mint and let them boil. Then remove them from the stove, and leave it to cool. Drain the lemon. Clean the cucumber and put it in a blender or grate it, in other bowl put the cucumber juice, the lemon juice and the mint tea and add 1.5 liters of water ad 2 spoons fresh minced ginger and rest of the eaves and three pieces of lemon.

Put the drink in the fridge for 2-3 hours or overnight. At the morning you have ready drink. It is best to drink the lemonade after meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and to drink one glass between meals.removes belly fat with homemade lemon and mint drink 1source


The lemon is citrus fruit rich with ascorbic acid which helps for regularly digestion, helps the stomach and the hoses to digest the food faster and easily absorb the nutritive goods.


The cucumbers are easy for the system o digestion, and are an excellent anti-inflammatory mean.


The mint is very good for digestion. The mint eliminates the gasses, stops the acids, and helps for better absorbing of the nutritive goods and is also anti-inflammatory. Relaxes and relives the nausea.


The ginger activates the work of the hoses and the stomach, speeds up the digestion and effectively removes the body fat.

The lemonade is very tasteful, when is fresh and if you combine it with low calorie diet and exercise; you will get flat stomach in one moment. Try this drink!

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