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Self Tanning Hacks You Need To Know

Self Tanning Hacks You Need To Know

Many fashionable girl want to have a nice dark tan. To give the skin a beautiful bronze color, you can spend hours lying on the beach under the hot sun, or go to the solarium, or choose a more reliable method for skin as to use self tanning products. But after the application of resources, how to properly apply the means and how to to keep the bronze color longer, I will tell you today. Self tanning, there is plenty for every taste and pocket, the face, legs, body. Some of them will not only give the skin bronze tone, but also will nourish the skin: hydrate and helps to get rid of cellulite.

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The best self tanning product is the one that leaves no residue on clothes and spots on the body. Tricks to self-tanning your body for natural bronze look.

Self Tanning Hacks You Need To Know

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– Before applying Self-tanning, clean the skin, or make peeling. During this procedure, the dead cells are removed so bronze tan will last longer.

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-. Self-tanning need to applied only to dry skin. Before you apply it, make sure you don’t have remains of creams, shampoo, water droplets on the skin. These little things can be the cause of uneven complexion.
-First you need to do is to choose the right tool. To check whether you chose a good mean, apply to the inside of your arm and leave it to stand for 12 hours. If after 12 hours you don’t have allergic reaction in the form of redness or irritation, you can feel free to use the means of tanning.
– Apply the tanning means evenly over the entire body.
-To apply the tanning means on the face first make a contour on the face with the help of brush or sponge. If you are applying tanning means, you can use the hair brush, but with glove over it/ spread the means evenly and then apply it.
– The full absorption and expression of the bronze tan is from 3 to 5 hours. For evenly application, you don’t need to wear tight clothes for one hour after applying the crème.
-Right after the application of the tanning crème, wash your hands with soap and water. The color quickly remains between the fingers, on the palms and cuticles, so if you don’t want to have black nails, clean them with a brush.


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