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Spring /Summer 2017 Fashion Trends You Must to Know

Spring /Summer 2017 Fashion Trends You Must to Know

The spring -summer 2017 fashion trends  were already shown on the fashion runways in the bigger cities. And from now it is known what will be in trend on spring-summer 2017. The New York fashion week will be remembered by the flower explosion. Colors and graphics in such a large number like the flowers in the garden.

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1 .Spring /Summer 2017 Fashion Trends -Denim Style

The denim stopped to be ordinary material a long time ago. The style has enlarged around it: simple, democratic, discreet but sophisticated, with laconic elegance and everyday lines of freedom. This season, you can be inspired by the denim style and choose for yourself a few denim things. They can be worn independently or in combination with other things.

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2. 2017 Fashion Trends   -Tropical Prints

This  spring /summer you will be able to enjoy not only in the warm summer, but in the tropical prints also. Even in the office, will be felt the spirit of traveling, if you choose blouse or pants with this print.

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3. Geometry and Monochrome

Minimalistic solutions take the first place in the fashion for several seasons. If you want to look stylish and modern, but you want strictness and simplicity, choose minimalism. Geometrical prints are not limiting the minimalistic design this spring-summer 2017.

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4. Combination of Contrast Things

Another trend which many fashionable girls like; combination with dress with sneakers. Actually, with sneakers you can combine everything that you want.

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5.Spring /Summer 2017 Fashion Trends-Oversize Clothes

Oversize clothes, is in trend for several seasons. Especially, this clothes is good for the warm summer. In trend this spring-summer are wide pants, blouses, shirts etc.

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6. Sand Nuances

These nuances are incredibly in large number, so you can be sure that you will find the appropriate nuance for you. Sand pants, beige skirt, terracotta dress, all of them will find their place in your wardrobe.

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