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Stinging Nettle Benefits You Need To Know

Stinging Nettle Benefits You Need To Know

Have you ever picked weeds and in the process grabbed a plant that looked quite normal, but it ended up causing rashes and a stinging effect that wouldn’t go so soon. There is high possibility of you coming in contact with a stinging nettle.

What is a Stinging Nettle?

A stinging nettle is every gardeners and curious plant lover’s nightmare. Since it doesn’t have any thorns, most people find this plant harmless, but the fact is, they have fine hairs that look innocent, but they aren’t for sure. But, if you overlook its stinging feature, this plant is a medicinal powerhouse with a lot of healing properties.
The discomfort caused from the stinging nettle is temporary, but it possesses several health benefits.The stinging nettle has been used through ages for medicinal benefits in various countries. Stinging nettle can be found all over the world, but this plant has its origins in colder areas of Asia and Europe. The plant grows two-three feet high and blooms from June to September. It has a heart shaped leaf with yellow or pink colored flowers. Most of the products made from stinging nettle are made from its leaves and stem. The roots also contain pharmacological properties. This herb has anti-inflammatory properties, aids in allergy relief and breathing related problems. The roots of this plant are known to aid people suffering from enlarged prostate and urinary disorders as well.

Benefits of Stinging Nettle

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Stinging nettle has diverse health benefits and they are increasing by the day. As more and more research is being conducted, the popularity of stinging nettle has been increasing because of its proven medicinal effects.

– Hayfever
Stinging Nettle is a known natural allergy relievers. Production of histamine in the body creates an adverse reaction in the body that is related to allergies. Allergies cause severe discomfort, congestion, itching, sneezing and vomiting. The symptoms are many more and vary from person to person. The anti-inflammatory properties of stinging nettle affect the key receptors and enzymes in the allergic reactions preventing the symptoms caused due to hay fever if they are taken when the symptoms appear first. The leaves of this plant contain histamine, which is used to treat allergy.

– Detoxify the body
The wide range of benefits found in the stinging nettle makes it an ideal detoxifier. It is known to gently cleanse the body of the toxins. Since it is also a diuretic, this herb ensures that all the body toxins are eliminated from the body quickly. It also improves the nutrient uptake, increases the efficiency of the gut and ensures that digestive process is smooth, thereby ensuring all the toxins are eliminated from the body. It also eliminates the excess toxins from the kidneys as well.

– Aids in Pregnancy
Stinging nettle is often prescribed for ladies who suffer from excessive painful labor. It also protects from excessive bleeding as it acts as a coagulant. Moreover, it helps stimulate the production of milk and make lactation easy.

– Improves circulation
Stinging nettle is rich in vitamin C and iron making it best for improving the red blood cell production. The Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron in the gut. Iron is important for hemoglobin. Increased RBC in the body improves the blood circulation, improves the healing process, and allows proper absorption of oxygen to boost the energy levels. Because of these benefits this miracle herb is prescribed for fatigue and anemia, which is characterized by weakness, headache, cognitive difficulties and exhaustion.

– Prevents Kidney Stone
Stinging nettle is known for its diuretic properties. It also has some effect on the kidneys. The nephritic qualities of this herb help the breakdown of kidney stones and stones of the gallbladder. It prevents the pain associated with this issue and eliminates the need for surgeries. The diuretic property of the stinging nettle eliminates the harmful toxins from the body, thereby protecting the body from bladder infections and edema.

– Improves Feminine Health
This herb has various components that promote feminine health. Women who suffer from premenstrual cramps, bloating have felt decrease in pain and also minimize the blood flow during the menstruation due to its astringent capabilities. For women who are going through menopause can experience smooth transition with very little effect due to the hormonal changes.

– Excellent Anti-inflammatory Qualities
Stinging nettle is a stimulant and rubefacient substance, which makes it effective against inflammatory conditions like arthritis and chronic muscle pain. According to researches, the Stinging nettle is effective in treating gout, soothes muscle pain and reduces the symptoms related to arthritis.

– Protects Heart Health
This wonder herb is great for heart too and you won’t be surprised with that considering the amount of health benefits it has. Research has revealed that continuous consumption of Stinging nettle tea can help in lowering the systolic blood pressure and relieve tension and stress on your heart health.

– Improves Prostrate Health
As men age, prostate enlargement and cancer are a serious factor to consider. Stinging kettle is known to be effective in preventing prostate growth. This herb can only prevent the growth and will not reverse it once the growth factor and testosterone stimulation have occurred.

– Stinging Nettle and Skin Care
Acne is a skin condition that affects a large number of people and stinging nettle has helped reduce the severity of acne and prevents bacterial infections. The anti-oxidant properties help speed up the healing process, reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, and promote anti-aging effects like wrinkles and age spots.

– Treats Respiratory Ailments
Stinging Nettle helps in treating a range of respiratory conditions effectively. These include asthma, fever and seasonal allergies. Some studies have shown that certain combinations from the stinging nettle can reduce allergic reactions. Stinging nettle tea consumption is known to cure asthma in Australia for generations.

– Bone Health and Osteoporosis
Most of us are not aware of boron a mineral that is very important to maintain the calcium content in our bones. It can help slow down the onset of osteoporosis when the hormone regulating impact of the stinging nettle combined with these benefits helps to regulate and monitor the bone health.

Stinging Nettle has been prescribed for reducing nausea and diarrhea associated with menstrual and menopausal effects. It can also soothe hemorrhoids and ulcers. While a lot of these benefits seem effective, one needs to remember that some of these remedies for high blood pressure, menstruation and high blood sugar can also have some negative effects. If you have low blood sugar, low blood pressure and are in the early stages of pregnancy, then you have to avoid taking the stinging nettle.
Always make sure that any new medication even if it is herbal should be approved by your practitioner or else instead of benefiting your health it may cause some serious complications.


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