Stylish Ways to Wear a Fur Vest


Fur Vest is a modern piece of clothes without any fashionable girl can be imagined in the cold autumn and winter days. It popularity is understandable, they are nice and practical. But, with what to wear the fur vest so you will look elegant and stylish? Under this piece of clothes, the other pieces of clothes and accessories should be thoughtfully chosen. The fur vest is a universal piece of clothes for everybody but when you choose it, consider the note that no matter its length it adds a few more kilograms.

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The fashionable girls with more kilograms should pay attention of the vests that are with length until the middle of the thighs and are with small fiber. The fashionable girls that have good figure can afford to wear fur vests with different lengths. Short fur vest through the waits or hips with a leather belt will emphasize your thin figure.

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With what to combine the fur vest? The classical combination of vest is with tight pants or jeans. You can wear tall or low boots. But if you don’t like tight pants or jeans, you can combine the vest with skirts and dresses. If it is everyday combination you can wear it with tall through the knee flat boots. The braver fashionable girls can experiment with lower boots.