Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas


Thanksgiving appeared in 1621 by British settlers in North America. Severe cold winters, snow and very cold weather, so in the future living of agriculture could only be dreamed of. The residents appeared threat of hunger, then the local governor of Plymouth, to boost morale, decided to establish Thanksgiving. First who proposed to introduce a celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States was George Washington. Since then, every year on November 26th the people praised the good and the bad yield. Date repeatedly changed. Roosevelt, who appointed Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, and the holiday is changed from agricultural ritual day, to day of gratitude.


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Traditionally, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the family circle, at the home of the oldest members (usually grandparents), say the word thanks and then enjoy in the dinner, great pumpkin pie and stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce etc. The turkey is a traditional meal of this holiday. Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? In today’s article, we found for you a few ideas, how to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. In the home decorations use colors and the gifts of autumn. Without autumn leaves and pumpkin you can’t imagine to decorate the home for Thanksgiving.



Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

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Outdoor Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


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Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas