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Unusual Uses of Toothpaste to Ease Your Life

Unusual Uses of Toothpaste to Ease Your Life

What is toothpaste and for what it is used? This question causes confusion for many people. “Tooth paste is a hygienically mean for oral care” is the answer that many people give, and they are absolutely right. The tooth paste whiteness the teeth and removes the plaque, neutralizes the pathogens, protects and renews the tooth enamel, and protects the gums. The tooth paste contains many different components. They can be abrasive, antibiotics, different medical additives etc. some of this components can be used not only for teeth cleaning. Because of that, today we found for you Unusual Uses od Toothpaste to Ease Your Life

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1. With the help of the toothpaste, you can clean the iron
The tooth paste lowers the pain from burns. If you apply toothpaste on a burn you will feel short-time relieve for a short time. You need to apply the toothpaste right after you have burned yourself.

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2. Against herpes, acne and blisters

In this case, we don’t talk about open wounds, and because of that the use of the toothpaste for this situation is completely acceptable. If you are somewhere where you there is not appropriate creme for herpes, acne and blisters, you can use toothpaste. Apply on the problematic area and leave it to stay.

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Toothpaste to treat acne


3. Removing stains from ink and crayons

For easy cleaning and removing of the stains, you need to simple rub a little toothpaste and leave it to stay, and then wipe it with soft sponge.

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4. Removing plaque from coffee and tea cups

It is best if you do this with baking soda, but if you don’t have soda, you can use toothpaste.

5. Clean silver objects

With the help of the toothpaste you can clean the silver objects in your home.

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6. Cleaning of the tap

In the morning, while you wash your teeth, you can clean the tap too.

7. Getting rid of a smell

Smell of garlic, fish, onion and other products, can be sometimes that strong, that it can get into the cells of your hands. It is not a secret that the soap will help, but you can also take tooth paste, and you will quickly get rid of the characteristic smell. You just take a little amount of toothpaste in your hands, wash it with water and you will see that the smell will completely disappear

8. Renewing DVD

With time, as a result of improper storage or often using of the DVD-ROM and the CD-ROM, they can get scratches, which results with not working. On a soft towel, apply tooth paste and gently wipe the DVD-ROM and the CD-ROM.unusual uses of toothpaste to ease your life source


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