World’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper in Vienna


In the new part of Vienna the ” Seestadt Aspern ” would by 2018 should be completed the construction of a tallest wooden skyscraper in the world, which will have a total of 24 floors and will be 84 meters high. It will include a hotel, apartments, restaurants, a wellness center and offices, and the total area of skyscrapers will be about 25,000 square meters. For the realization of this project are adapted to all hybrid construction methods available in the market, and thanks to the innovative wood building technique, the effect of this material would be starting from ground should be about 75 percent of the total materials consumed for raising the skyscrapers, making it the highest of its kind in world.World’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper in ViennasourceWorld’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper in Vienna interior designsource

Construction is according to the announcement is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2015, and “Kerbler Group” to invest in the project about 65 million euros. Architects say that the building of wood will save 2,800 tons of CO2 emissions compared to other skyscrapers concrete construction, and the entire project fully meets the ecological and sustainable construction. New Vienna tallest wooden skyscraper  will be recognizable by its striking silhouette and façade which reminiscent of tree bark, while the predominantly wooden surfaces in the interior give the impression of contact with nature and create a pleasant ambience.

World’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper in Vienna interior design 1sourceWorld’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper in Vienna interior design 2source

Aspern, where will be built this skyscraper, conceived “as an urban laboratory of Vienna” and at that point will by 2028 be able to try out the intelligent ideas, concepts and technologies for sustainable development. This is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe will spread to 240 acres in the northeastern part of Vienna, and the first wooden skyscraper is just one of the innovations t hat will offer this unique part of the Austrian capital city. Otherwise, the oldest wooden building in the world Todaiji temple in Japan, built in 685 years. Not only still attracts its unique appearance, but is still in use, even after numerous earthquakes that suffered during the past 13 centuries.