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Yellow Interior Design Ideas

Yellow Interior Design Ideas

Today article is Yellow Interior Design Ideas.Yellow color in the interior  gives us energy. Reminds us of the sun. Yellow interior  is recommended for offices of creative people but is not recommended to be used in kitchen, dining room. Yellow color in the interior may cause negative feelings, after all, when there is too much sun you want to hide in the shadows, and give your eyes a rest. The same feeling can happen in a yellow room. Yellow should not be selected for the bedroom. There we need night atmosphere. Beige tones in the bedroom are allowed.

yellow interior design ideassourceyellow-bedroom-furnituresource
Yellow visually increases the room and enlarged its borders. Moreover certain objects looks a little bigger. Yellow color illuminates a dark room.


One of the interesting features of the yellow color is “illuminating” of the room, compensating for not enough amount of natural light. Best results are obtained with using a high-gloss surfaces. Yellow color combined with black can cause feelings of anxiety. This is due to the fact that yellow is signal for caution. Do not use yellow in interiors with not enough lighting. Yellow loses its elegance and becomes boring. Yellow color goes well with blue, white and silver.

magnificent-yellow-theme-interior-design-using-lablck-furry-rug-and-white-shade-pendant-lamp-and-yellsourceyellow interior design ideas 1sourceyellow interior design ideas source

Yellow and White Interior Design Ideas
This combination often is used in classical interiors. In this case preference is given to pale yellow or lemon color, which is diluted with white and natural wood color.

Yellow and White Living Roomyellow and white interior designsource

Yellow and White Bathroom Ideas-Yellow-Bathroom

Yellow and Blue Interior Design Ideas
Yellow-blue combination is commonly used in the design of children’s rooms.


Yellow and Gray Interior Design Ideas
Gray color is neutral and therefore suitable for combination with all colors. This combination is selected for interiors in modern style and classic style with Baroque elements.

yellow and gray interior design ideassourcehttp://www.myspirit.com.br/source

Black and Yellow Interior Design Ideas

black and yellow interior design ideassource


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