Home Architecture Small Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Small Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Small Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Majority of people around the world don’t have the luxury of living in a large sized bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, then there is nothing to worry. If you need to make a bedroom makeover, but have space constraints, then we hope this article inspire you to create some very interesting small bedroom design ideas that are not only beautiful, but also functional. These lovely small bedroom design ideas are a proof that small bedrooms can look stylish.

While a lot of experts will suggest that you will need a small office area, a sitting area and enough space to hold a king sized bed in your bedroom. But, the fact remains that the main function of the bedroom is to have a place to rest and relax. Actually, a small bedroom may be a blessing in disguise as it can help you fall asleep better. According to experts, any kind of distractions like television, office work and internet should be kept away from the bedroom as they can disrupt your sleeping pattern. So, fewer distractions are good for your sleep and health in the long term.

Following are some interesting small bedroom design ideas that help you create a bedroom space that maybe small in size, but have a lot of style.

1. Include light and bright colors


The white color is practical and open for a small bedroom. It prevents the room from looking too cluttered. The white and light color has the tendency to brighten up the space in the room even if there is no large wall space or windows. To prevent any lack of personality or look boring, layer the white color with different textures. Adding some pattern to the color and by arranging the furniture cleverly you can create a very stylish looking bedroom even if it is small in size.

2. Eliminate Clutter


A bedroom full of unwanted furniture and things lying around here and there can make it look cramped. The easiest way to open up space in the room is by getting rid of any excess, unwanted items that belong to other rooms. These can be anything that can be unattractive and unwanted. The room need not be sterile or too simple and boring, but that doesn’t mean you need to overload it. Add some happy art pieces or collectibles and avoid overcrowding the room.

3. Push your bed against the corner


Most bedroom designs show the bed at the centre of the wall. However, a narrow space and limited space call for some change. To maximize the space, push the bed up against the wall or in the corner. The sleep area will look a lot cozier. Add two headboard corner systems to create a finished and stylish designer look for the bedroom.

4. Use Multifunctional Pieces


A bedroom requires certain furniture pieces that are required in that space. Make sure you invest in furniture pieces that are versatile and have different functions to make maximum use of the room without making it crowded. Here, an ottoman with a built-in storage facility or a vintage steamer trunk will work just great. These small little multifunctional pieces can be used to store books and blankets and help keep the room clean.

5. Magnify the room with mirrors


Mirrors have the ability to make a small bedroom look big. It creates an illusion of a bigger room. By positioning a mirror strategically you can reflect the light of the window and is the only way to increase the natural light in the room. Find a body length mirror and place it leaned against the wall and you don’t need to hole it. A wall tacky will work wonderfully.

6. Add Storage Space under the Bed


If you are looking out for a bed for your bedroom, then get a bed with storage space underneath for that extra space of storage. If you have very limited space in the bedroom and you are worried that the drawers may not open easily, then use some decorative bins under your bed for that extra storage space. Cane baskets or woven baskets that can hold a lot of stuff is just perfect for storage.

7. Live Vertically


Vertical living is an ideal solution if the floor space is limited. But, if you have higher ceilings, you can consider adding an extra platform or loft for sleeping with storage or seating underneath. This arrangement may not be an option for all, but for those who don’t have any problem climbing into the bed, the vertical living can completely transform a space.

8. Add a Wallpaper


Just because the bedroom is small doesn’t mean it has to look dull. To make your bedroom look interesting add a bold wallpaper to the main wall, like the headboard wall. Wallpapers are known to make rooms look smaller and cluttered, but if you use the right styling and technique wallpaper can have an opposite effect. While selecting suitable wallpaper for your bedroom wall, choose a large-scale pattern instead of a small one. Make sure you change the décor according to the new wallpaper.

9. Skip Window Treatments


Skip the dark colored drapes and leave the windows without any curtains. This will create an illusion of space and depth and reveal the natural view through the windows. But, if you need any privacy try out thin white drapes for an airy feel and prevent people from invading into your privacy.

10. Keep the furniture to Scale


A small sized room doesn’t mean you have to restrict to small furniture. This means you need to look out for furniture that match in scale and sized according to the space. A king sized bed with two tiny nightstands will look silly, instead go for a bed size that allows you to fit at least one nightstand that is large enough to hold its own. The dresser in the room should match in scale with the nightstand. It is often noticed that a dresser that is tall and narrow works best compared to the wide and short piece in a small space.


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