11 Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas


Living room is room where on ceiling design and interior design should be given more attention than the other rooms in interior. How to design ceiling in the living room is a question that have asking many of us. Plain white ceiling does not suit to anyone, especially because today there are many building materials for making the ceiling. It is important to have an idea of how you want to looks design ceiling in the living room.

When choosing the decoration and design of the ceiling first takes into account the size of the living room and the height of the ceiling.Ceilings in several levels look good in the spacious living room and ceiling height of not less than 2700 centimeters. Very popular in recent years are suspended ceiling. These ceilings are known for their aesthetic, perfectly smooth surfaces.

cool-luxury-european-style-living-room-with-best-ceiling-and-fireplace-image-of-new-in-plans-free-living-room-decor-with-fireplacsourceLiving Room Ceiling Design Ideas

Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas sourceLiving Room Ceiling Design Ideas 2sourceLiving Room Ceiling Design Ideas source

You can put in the living room ceiling design matte or gloss, semi-gloss or marble, suede or metallic. On market has a huge choice, you can choose any shade of color. The main decoration of the ceiling is considered chandelier or other devices for lighting. But stylistic guidelines used for modern living decorative accents using stucco and frescoes.

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