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Best DIY Mirror Frame Ideas For Your Home

Best DIY Mirror Frame Ideas For Your Home

Mirror is the first thing we look into when we get up in the morning. All homes have mirrors and it is the best assets around, but most people are not aware that this asset can be decorated in such a way that it can be visually very appealing and add some space in the room. In today’s time we can’t imagine a home without this element. Mirrors have been accepted as a part of the interior design of any house.

A simple looking mirror can be transformed in a way that it looks beautiful and matches with the style and personality of the homeowner. A beautifully designed mirror is the reflection of the owner and their aspirations. With a bit of creativity and patience you can decorate your mirror to suit your home and your personality.

#PVC Pipe Mirror Frame

diy mirror frame

The PVC pipe mirror frame tutorial from thriftyandchic , is obviously made from the PVC pipes that were lying around the house and was of no use. Instead of dumping it in the garbage the PVC pipes were constructively used to create these beautiful looking mirror frames. Cut the pipes in small circles of 20-30 pieces with a saw. Make sure the circles are ½ inches and not too big. Once done, you can spray paint these cut tubes in whatever color you wish. Once done, lay them in whichever décor piece you would like. Once they are laid out, slowly glue them with hot glue together. The pieces that have ink marks on them can be hidden beneath the glue so it is not visible from the outside. Once the required design is made, glue the mirror on the PVC frame. Once dried, you can hang them on the wall at your preferred position.

#Wood Slices Decorated Mirror


A nice decorative mirror from a shop will cost a lot, so why not do-it yourself. A round mirror can be decorated with wood slices. If you have done any interior work at your home recently you may be having these wood pieces wastefully lying around. Mirror can be brought from a store. The wood slices come in different ring patterns and sizes. This will make the mirror decoration perfect. It adds a nice accent to the empty walls.


All you need is plywood and some good wooden branches that can be cut in circular shapes. With very few supplies you can make these rustic looking wood slices decorated mirror at home with different sizes and shapes. The regular looking mirror now has become a subject of attraction. The way you arrange the room and lighting also plays an important role in making the room look beautiful.
Full Tutorial : jaimecostiglio.com

#DIY Metallic Mirror Frame

diy mirror frameA metallic mirror frame is a nice looking feature inside the house that adds class and makes your home look classy. But, to get this classy look, you don’t have to spend too much from your pocket. With some clever and innovative ideas you can make a nice expensive looking metallic mirror frame at home. You can make this mirror frame look beautiful at a fraction of cost with very few materials and supplies that can be brought from a local store or from various online sites where you can get it at a bargain.
Full Tutorial at instructables

#Mosaic Mirror Frame from Old CDs

The mosaic mirror frame looks one of a kind and outstanding. These frames are sure to get noticed whenever anyone enters the house. You can make use of the old and unused CDs by cutting them down into small pieces. The possibilities are endless with the old CDs. It is easy to make this frame at home with just a few supplies. Make a frame around the mirror and glue the CD pieces to the frame surrounding the mirror.
Full Tutorial at Fabdiy


#Rope Wrapped DIY Mirror Frame

Tutorial at house by hoff

This is perhaps the easiest mirrors frames that you can make it at home. You just need to wrap a rope or two around your mirror and it is done. Look, how simple it was. The rope wrapped mirror frame adds a nautical touch to your otherwise simple looking mirror. It makes the mirror look stunningly beautiful.



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