Best Natural Facial Mask with Botox Effect


Not only women, but men also, want to keep their face young as long as possible. The newest technology allows that to be fast and easy. But, Is it always necessary to look up for professional help? The answer is simple: It’s no!, Actually There are lots of methods with which you can recover the freshness of the face, without applying expensive procedures. One of them is homemade mask with botox effect  with the affordable products. You can make this makes yourself.

Natural Facial Mask with Botox Effectsource

Best Natural Facial Mask with Botox Effect

The necessary ingredients are

  • 1 spoon defatted sour creme
  • 1 spoon corn dressing
  • 100 milliliters water
  • 5 spoons freshly squeezed carrot juice

Preparation: in a bowl on the stove add the water in it and put the corn dressing. With low temperature boil continue mixing it until the mixture is thick. Then remove the mixture from the stove and leave it  cool. Then add the sour creme and the carrot juice, mix well until is homogeneous. Apply the mask on clean face and leave it to stat for 30-40 minutes then wash the face with warm water. It is necessary to apply this mask 4-5 times a week.