Sunday, December 16, 2018
Skyscraper Inspired by Beyoncé Built in Melbourne

Skyscraper Inspired by Beyoncé Built in Melbourne

Melbourne got a new magnificent building  skyscraper Premiere Tower , which a complex form inspired by the seductive curves of popular American singer Beyonce. Architectural firm...
wisteria flower tunnel in japan 2

Wisteria Flower Tunnel In Japan

Most beautiful flower garden - Wisteria Flowers Tunnel In Japan.As always, the Japanese were leaders in the art of editing, their culture is adorned...
First Floating Underwater Tunnel In Norway 2

First Floating Underwater Tunnel In Norway

To facilitate navigation around the peninsula Stad, Norway will build a 1.7 kilometers long tunnel! You should construction costs about 115 million euros, the...
things to do in venice italy

Things To Do In Venice, Italy

For all those who love to travel ,today we suggest you things to do in Venice Italy.Venice is located on the shores of the...

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge –Malaysia.Langkawi Island is located in northwestern Malaysia. This picturesque place with green forests, sandy beaches, azure sea, there are the wonderful...
the longest glass skywalk in the world in chongqing

The Longest Glass Walkway In The World In Chongqing

In Chongqing, China is opened the largest glass walkway   above the cliffs 716 meters high, so bringing another fascinating destination for lovers of...
Lusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar 2

Lusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar

The Hotel of the future is Lusail Katara Hotel in Doha, Qatar. This wonderful hotel is designed for five-star luxurious status. It contains hotel...

Luxury Chalet K2 in Courchevel, the French Alps

Courchevel  is located in the heart of Les Trois vallees (three valleys)-one of the largest ski resorts in the world. Courchevel is consists from five...

Inside Donald and Melania Trump’s Luxury Apartments

Until a few months ago considered for a leader in the race for US president. Recently, Donald Trump is the new president of the...

West Kowloon Terminus, Hong Kong

Currently new construction project in Hong Kong one of the biggest projects is the main building of the railway station, which will bear the...

Latin American Art Museum ,Miami

By a private collector will be built a beautiful gallery, specializing in modern and contemporary art from Latin America:  latin american art museum ,Miami...


How to Recycle Plastic Bottles?

Most of the bottles that we get in the market are PET or plastic (HDPE), which are accepted as recyclable. The PET plastic bottles...
How to organize the space in the laundry room

Laundry Room Design Ideas

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