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Feng Shui Office Design Ideas

Feng Shui Office Design Ideas

Today we will present you the feng shui office design  and decorating the office or business premises in accordance with the Feng Shui rules. First of all, if we want in the area domineer positive atmosphere and to be satisfied with the business, you should not be too narrow hallway, because it prevents the flow of good energy. Also, regardless on the size of the quadrature of your office it is desirable that it has as much natural light.feng shui for officesource

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Be careful on the position in  feng shui office of the table, and that if you’re facing the window. Desirable is the front door are behind you, and that the space around you to be neat and free of unnecessary details. The most important part of the office is certainly a work desk, and about him need a lot of attention, especially on the dimensions and size of the desktop.


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Specifically, select the table of medium size, because it is not desirable for it to be bigger, but not too small, because you will not provide comfort which is very important in the performance of work. Table and chair, should be stable and to provide support, so choose the ones that are made of massive material. Therefore, according to feng shui, the presence of a glass table in the office indicates uncertainty, because the glass can break easily. Chair, except that should be comfortable, it is desirable to have a high quality backrest for back and arms.


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After selecting a table and chair, the goal is in your workspace have a lot of places, especially drawers and shelves for all paper, binders, agendas, because it is necessary for good concentration neat and clean working environment. Of course, to make you feel comfortable and pleasant make to the walls are not bare, but a touch of warmth enter the art gallery or a picture of our or international city.


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