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Updated: May 14, 2022

Shabby chic is one of the most popular trends ever and this trend has been going on strong even after 20 years after the term was invented. Shabby chic is a diverse style that includes diverse antique furniture styles along with pastel colors, feminine floral, and lace. It is also referred to as country chic or vintage chic.

Achieving a shabby chic interior design is pretty easy and inexpensive too. The most basic form of shabby chic design is antique furniture that can be purchased cheaply or even you can get modern furniture at low cost and give it a shabby chic look. This design is sure to add a lot of elegance to your abode. You don’t have to shop from high-end furniture stores for the furniture pieces, accessories and textile pieces. Since it is extremely easy to find and is budget friendly too, the shabby chic design is extremely popular.

Below are the shabby chic interior design tips that you can make note of and follow to create a stylish design for your home.

What is Shabby Chic Interior Design?


In a shabby chic interior design, the entire décor looks like it is worn out, which also includes the accessories and the various pieces of furniture in the house. The style is rather simple, but shabby. The shabby chic design is also referred to as “varied” in nature due to a nice mix of pastel shades along with antique furniture and feminine type floral patterns decorated with lace. The shabby chic is also called as “Vintage chic” or “Country Chic”.

How to Achieve the Shabby Chic Style?


Even though the shabby chic design was invented 20 years ago, the style is still in trend. It is easy to create and does not burn your pockets. The aim is to purchase antique or old furniture that can be purchased at very low cost if you search for them in the market. These furniture’s and accessories can be brought at great prices. Mix the old furniture with the modern ones according to your choice and your shabby chic design home is ready.
If you have decided to go for the shabby chic style, then choose white color scheme to begin with. Add some of your favorite pastel colors that will go with the space. For flooring, there are two types; white-washed floorboards and the natural flooring. The most common accessories that go with the shabby chic style are the wicker chairs and wooden benches.
You can take the shabby chic design style to the bathroom too. For the bathrooms, concentrate more on the vintage style fittings. If you have a garden, then Upcycled outdoor furniture and a vintage summerhouse will work great.

Get the Shabby Chic Style


The following are some more shabby chic interior design ideas to help you achieve your desired shabby chic style home.

As mentioned earlier, for the living rooms the white scheme will look great. Softly faded linens coupled with sheer style draperies allow for a more quiet and peaceful style of air. For a glamorous touch to the space, add accessories like chandelier and wooden furniture pieces. When selecting the accessories the goal is to achieve a balance between the older and worn things with the modern and elegant ones. Consider placing some silver accessories on top of the wooden tables in a space. Throw rugs that are of floral patterns along with the old, rough lace, which enhances the shabby chic, style more. Sheer draperies as mentioned earlier provide a great touch in a shabby chic design style space and they look all the more elegant when hanging from the wrought iron curtain rods. Another great accessory that goes well for the shabby chic design is the vase of flowers coupled with scented candles to fill the area with wonderful aroma.
The way you design the furniture is also important in a shabby chic design style and sofas are the most common furniture pieces used in this style. The bigger the size of the sofa, the better it is. Lookout for furniture pieces that are purposely worn-out pieces with spots where the paint is lost, creating a vintage effect. Search for pastel color shades for more effect and to add some character. To suit the shabby chic style you can use any kind of wooden furniture as long as you paint them in white. Paint the wood with spray paint or paintbrushes and then use a sandpaper to remove paint from the painted areas to achieve a vintage look. Sand down the corners of the wood to give them a rough look.

Antique Frames for Art Work and Mirrors


If you love frames for the mirrors and artwork, then go for ornate style. Search for these type of frames at flea markets where you can get them for cheap. If you find one, all you have to do is to sand it, followed by a coat of paint that is either pastel or white in color. When this is been done group few of these kinds of frames together over the sofa in your living room.



The shabby chic design style is elegant when done in a right way and showcased correctly. The best example for this can be found in chandeliers. You would want to hang one of these at the corner of the room or over the table for extra light. The best place to find the chandelier that suits your purpose is the flea market.

Vintage Accessories


To highlight the accessories in a shabby chic design style, keep the walls and the flooring style simple with a single coat of whitewash.

Place Linen Napkins on the dining table


To highlight the accessories in a shabby chic design style, keep the walls and the flooring style simple with a single coat of whitewash.

Vintage Cups for Drink


If you love entertaining, then introduce some vintage cups made of fine China to add the shabby chic design look. You can use these cups for drinking tea, for edible items like sugar cubes and small snacks. Even mismatched vintage cups and saucers paired together add a lot of charm to the entire look and feel of the space in a shabby chic design style.


The shabby chic design style if done properly will add an entirely new chic look that will make your space elegant.


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