Hair Mask with Honey and Onion Juice for Hair Growth


The hair masks are maybe the most effective way to protect and to return the beauty of your hair. The shampoos wash the hair, the balm makes it soft and obedient, but that is not enough, you need to deeply nourish your hair and to “feed” it with natural ingredients to make it grow faster the hair growth is a process that depends from the genetic factors, age, time of the year, health and diet. Of course, everybody wants to have long hair and tick and healthy also.

hair mask with honey and onion juice for hair growth 1


Today, we will give you hair mask with which you can speed up the hair growth, and also make the hair thicker, and stimulate the waking from the hibernation of the hair follicles, and the growth of new hair.

Hair Mask with Honey and Onion Juice for Hair Growthsource

To make this  hair mask with honey and onion juice will need:



Clean the onion and grate it. The recommended ratio is 1 to 4: one big spoon honey mix it with 4 big spoons onion to get even. Apply the mask on the scalp and gently apply it through the hair root. Leave it to stay for 40-45 minutes. Then wash the hair with warm water and shampoo that is convenient for everyday use.