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How to Choose the Right Suitcase

How to Choose the Right Suitcase

People who love to travel know that without a quality suitcase, the raveling is almost impossible. Especially if you are traveling with a plane, because we all know how the airports are handling the luggage. Because of that, comfortable, safe and a pretty compact suitcase is an essential thing.


How to Choose the Right Suitcase?how to choose the right suitcase

The purpose of the suitcase

The first thing that you need to decide is for what you are buying the suitcase and how often will you travel/ if you travel a lot, and go frequently on businesses trips, you need to choose quality  travel bag that will serve you for few years.


There are many materials from which the suitcases are made, among which the most popular are fabric, plastic and leather.


They are very cheap and light suitcases, ideal for traveling in the train, car and even airplane. When using a travel bag , you need to consider the rules of packing, fragile things need to be set between soft clothes, far away from the frame and the edge.


The plastic is a light material. But the cheap plastic is not safe enough. Quality travel bag  with plastic with titanium crumb is one of the best options. This  travel bag  will hold its shape; it’s light and doesn’t allow moisture and dirt to come inside it.


Leather travel bag are very expensive, easy to damage and you can quickly scratch the, and they are very heavy.


You need to pay attention on the wheels, from which material they are made, it has to be from high quality and durable. The best at the moment is the silicone material. Travel bags have from 2 to 4 wheels. The optimal suitcase with 4 wheels with double wheels, or the back wheels are with bigger diameter.


The handle. One good  luggage needs to have two handles. The first is usually for the moving of the suitcase on wheels, and the second is for lifting the luggage.

Pay attention on the zippers and other elements. If you can, choose travel bag  with plastic zipper because it’s more resistant then the metal. The eider the zipper, the better, the more secure zipper is the one with wideness of at least 8 mm.


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