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Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry Room Design Ideas

For laundry room design need to have a plan, In which is not included only equipment and a washing machine but also include stylish furniture, non-slip flooring and other supporting things. All of that can make your landry room comfortable and convenient. If there is no window in the laundry room, you need to take care of a good light. An unusual chandelier, table lamp or a lamp on the wall will make the environment more lighter and cozy. In the laundry room very nice can look a false window. It will add light and visually enlarge the space.Laundry Room Design Ideassourcelaundry room design ideas sourcelaundry room design ideas sourcesmall laundry room design ideassourcelaundry room design ideas source

How to organize the space in the laundry room
Wall cabinets and shelves will help to free up space in the room for a comfortable padded stools , sofas , rocking chairs or shells, which also needed in a washing room . Under the sink can be comfortable to put a basket, for separating clean and dirty laundry. It is not redundant if in the laundry stand ironed things. The ironing board can be mounted on the wall . Ideal for laundry rooms will be a mini- cabinet with built-in ironing board.

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And of course, in the laundry room would be nice having a place to stay, then the time between household chores will flow nicer. On the wall attach TV and put the radio on the shelf , and while the laundry is washed you can enjoy in music or watch your favorite TV show .

laundry room design ideas 4sourcesmall-laundry-room with tvsource


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