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Loft Design Ideas That Will Make You See Wow

Loft Design Ideas That Will Make You See Wow

Loft means non- residential industrial space that has been turned into a place to live. It refers to the ceiling,, it is a room on the top floor or just upstairs. Interior design of the loft, is relatively new, derived from the first half of the 20th century, in New York. In the factory area of Manhattan in the 40’s of the 20th century, first started using cheap rooms of the old industrial buildings for offices and apartments. Characteristics of this style are nonstandard solutions, design furniture and art section.

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Loft, it is an open space, which are not separated by walls. As a rule it is a large space with high ceiling areas are restricted by different materials on the floor and ceiling, thus appear to be divided.
Only toilet can be done with a barrier. The interior design of loft should be well lighted. Main materials used for designing the loft are brick, concrete.

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Ceiling commonly decorated with wooden beams. The floor is made mostly of wood. Loft style furniture is usually in a strong color. Bright furniture is designed to focus attention on it and create an open space. Style loft is enough faceless itself, so to create a complete picture must use personal accents. Put on the shelves your favorite books, set accessories and rugs that are for your needs and taste.

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