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Men’s Hairstyles to Try This Year

Men’s Hairstyles to Try This Year

The choice of men hairstyles has influence on the outside look and the image of the man. Among the fashionable choices of the mens  hairstyle for 2017 is the timeless classical hairstyle with touches of the today and the contemporarily. Top Knot with touches of the medieval century and aggressive punk with one touch of nostalgia of the 90’s.

Men’s Hairstyles to Trysourceclassic hairstyles for men 90'ssource

1. Buzz cut men hairstyles is a faithful companion of the business men. It is up with the time and the steps are always according to the rhythm. This hairstyle is one of the favorite among the men, maybe because of its simplicity.Buzz cut Mens HairstylessourceBuzz cut Mens Hairstyles source

2. Classical hairstyle never goes out of fashion, except that it has minor changes. This hairstyle is perfect for business men and teenagers. Classical hairstyle is clear and precisely lines and length of the hair is no bigger than 5 cm minimum.

classic-mens-hairstyles-top-2017sourceclassic-mens-hairstyles-top-2017 1source

3. High & Tight Men’s Hair Style. This hairstyle is very popular especially at the younger men. Because it suits perfectly on every face type, so you don’t need to think about the ideal image.

mens high and tight hairstylessourcehigh & tight mens hairstylessource

4.  Hair tattoo is hairstyle for the younger men and the teenagers. Hair-tattoo is artistic way of cutting the hair with the use of sharp scissors, razors and your imagination. The stylist will create the thing that you will want.

men hair tattoo hairstylesourcemen hair tattoo hairstyle source

5. Like we have mentioned before, one of the most popular men hairstyle is the top knot. For this hairstyle it is necessary for you to have long hair, this hairstyle looks the best on straight hair.



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