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Modern Small Backyard Ideas

Modern Small Backyard Ideas

The modern small backyard  is characterized by clear lines and smooth transitions without boundaries. This geometry has a peculiar charm.
First of all, you should think about which items you want to place. Pool, pond, terrace, something else.

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Pay attention not only to the separation boundary, but also on the path that will enable comfortably to move around the territory. Of course, do not forget about the furniture on the terrace, as well as a fireplace or grill. Consider that all of these elements also have impact on the patio.

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Of course you like to spend as much as possible time in the beautifully decorated  modern small backyard. In connection with this you need to think about seating furniture. What could it be? The main thing is that these elements should look modern and not break created clear harmony.modern small backyard ideas sourcemodern small backyard ideas sourcemodern small backyard ideas sourcemodern small backyard ideas 10source


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