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Nail Trends-Fall/ Winter 2016-2017

Nail Trends-Fall/ Winter 2016-2017

Each new season appear new fashion trend in the industry of nails, nail color, shape, their length, and so on. Because of that, today’s article we have devoted to Nail Trends-Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 . In 2016 and 2017, and the trend in previous seasons will be natural nails. Short nails with a natural color. But of course there are not in trend only natural short nails.


1. Do you remember the unusual trend of the 90’s when every garment was drawn, cross – striped flights, squares, geometric shapes, unusual graphics? Approximately the same fashion nail design is trendy fall- winter 2016 1017.geometric-shapessourcenail-designs-striped-flightssource

2. Nails with square corners and nails are gradually disappearing. In fashion are oval and almond shaped nails, emphasis is placed on natural roundness and form. The length can be by your choice, of natural nails short to long nails naturally rounded shape, no matter what color of nail polish you want.nail-trends-fall-winter-2016-2017sourcenail-trends-fall-winter-2016-2017-1source

3.Moon nail design, season fall-winter 2016-2017 for several seasons are in the trend, these nails do not lose their popularity. Color variations can be combined depending on the mood. Try to do an imitation of the moon of the nail, set the moon, rhinestones, sequins.moon-nail-design-2017sourcemoon-nail-design-2017-1source

4. If you are wondering what color of nail polish to choose for fall/ winter 2016-2017 choose dark colors, you will not be wrong, many brands in their collection include black nail polish or other dark colors (gray, brown, blue) and for those who want to be trendy but not like black nail polish.nail-trends-fall-winter-2016-2017-2sourceblack and gold nailssource

5. Elegant silver nails are in trend this season.silver-nailssource

6.French nail trends . Because of its uniqueness, the French nail designs is considered one of the most common types of manicures. Neutral shades of nail polish in French style is suitable for various events and in harmony with clothes made in different styles and colors.french-tip-nail-art-ideassourcefrench-nail-art-designssource


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