The Eco-Friendly Floating House,”The WaterNest 100″


The eco-friendly  floating house “Water Nest 100” offers enough space for four people, energy fully receives from the sun, and also has a balcony to sit and relax. Designed by Italian architect Gianc arlo Zema for the English company “EcoFloLife” and is made to order in a variety of sizes.

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The largest model even offers 100 square meters of floor space, if necessary it possible to obtain a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and any other configuration of the interior of which the owner wants. The house offers a large covered balcony and large windows that let in the room enough natural sunlight.

WaterNest 100-Floating House source
A particular advantage is the fact that these floating houses can be used as offices, bars, spaces for holding different events or restaurants. The main purpose of them is to be the cottage, but those who are looking for inspiration this house may be the perfect workspace. Recall that Qatar has already started to build and floating hotels, to meet the Football World Championships 2022.

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Name of the company that produce this houses (EcoFloLife) points to another important characteristic, and it’s eco-friendly concept, which is reflected in the fact that “Water Nest 100” collects and uses solar energy thanks to the fact that the entire roof is covered with solar panels .

WaterNest-100-by-ecoflolife-interior designsourceWaterNest-100-by-ecoflolife-interior design 3sourceWaterNest-100-by-ecoflolife-interior design 1sourceWaterNest-100-by-ecoflolife-interior design source

The house is so completely self-sustaining and energy independent. Another “green” characteristics identified in that, it is made from local and recycled material resistant to water. Thus, even 98% of the material from which to build the house can be used again, who are mainly aluminum panels and wood. These  floating house are mobile and can be moved along the surface of the water. Basic price is 500,000 euros, while the most expensive model costs 800,000 euros.