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Things To Do In Venice, Italy

Things To Do In Venice, Italy

For all those who love to travel ,today we suggest you things to do in Venice Italy.Venice is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea , in the north of Italy.
Architecture of Venice is truly unique. Exploring the city you can notice clearly identified four architectural styles. Each of which adorns the city and has its own unique features.In the period from the sixth to the twelfth century was dominated Byzantine style . It is often used domed vaults and arches of different forms. This era is characterized by an abundance of ornaments , wealth items that visually increase the amount of certain parts of the structure.

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In Venice, Gothic style prevailed in the period from the twelfth to the fifteenth century . In the renaissance Italian masters did not consider this as a true classic style of art. For them, the word ” Gothic ” was synonymous with ” barbaric .” Birth of this style was occurred in France in the twelfth century.
In fifteenth century Italian architect who discovered inspiration in the Greek and Roman forms started the new style. It was the style of the Renaissance.

things to do in venice italy

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In Venice has numerous monuments. In the heart of Venice is the main area Basilica Di San Marco

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Another magnificent creation in Venice is the Doge’s Palace. It is a unique by combination of the incredible luxury furnishings and perform important public functions. Using Golden stairs (Scala D’Oro) and the Giants stairs, constructed in the mid-sixteenth century, you can go directly to the apartments and offices of the Government of the Doge.

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College Hall (Sala del Collegio). Renowned master Paolo Veronese elaborately painted ceiling of this room.

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Sala del Maggior Consiglio – Hall of the Grand Council, which was the largest room in the palace. This room was painted by Veronese and Titian. In the palace also houses the Hall of the Three, in which before was located Inquisitor and punished the “infidel.” Hall del Consiglio Maggiore – this room is unique in that the ceiling it does not has support. It is still a mystery technology of building such a structure without support.

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In Venice has many beautiful bridges that connect the islands of the coast with history.There is the Bridge of Sighs, which connects the Doge’s Palace with the opposite bank of the canal. By this bridge were taken prisoners from the palace to the nearby prison. Also noteworthy Rialto Bridge. First, he was made from wood, but after its collapse, it was decided and built a solid bridge of stone. Today, it is the most famous bridge in the whole Venice.

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Things to do in Venice -Scala Dei Giganti Venice Italy

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