TV Wall Design Ideas


The living room is in some way the face of our home, together area, where we entertain, spend time with friends, and the whole family is collecting. Almost in every home, the TV is in a place where all the family has comfortable stay in the company of the famous actors and interesting stories. Today, we will talk about tv wall design to create stylish and functional interior. The tv wall design can be pretty by choice. But, how to choose the most appropriate and interesting options? At first, you need to choose a place where you will install the TV. The main criteria are the height of the installation, ideal where the geometrical center of the TV is precisely in front of the eyes of the viewer. TV that is set up like this ,gives the best possible perception of the screen. Therefore, definitely you need to take into account the height of the couch (chair), because the TV should be installed in their height. When decorating the wall with the TV, you need to leave free space around the TV for flow of air (about 20 cm).

modern tv wall design ideassource

tv walls design ideassource

1. The most popular and practical solution are hanging shelves and cabinets. You can choose cabinet and shelves in contrast colors or leave them bright that are set on a darker color behind.

tv wall design ideassource

modern tv wall design ideas source

2. The wall can be made from natural or artificial stone. This design will give the TV wall toughness. Wall with light bulbs looks nice and modern, they give additional light and they can be used when the TV is on, and the rest of the lights are off.

tv wall design ideas source

tv wall design ideassource

3. TV in the living room above the fireplace. The fireplace as a basic accent in the living room, this is a classical design of interior. On a first sight it looks, like the TV should not be there. To avoid that impression, it is necessary to choose a proper scheme of colors, and location for the TV. The best place for the TV is above the fireplace, because in that way you can combine two key elements with which you will create tandem.


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4. Creating a niche for tv wall design.Usual, these decorative elements are made from gyps cardboard. Niche can be made just for the TV, and for the zone around it.

tv wall design ideas source

tv wall design ideas source

5. If you are supporter of the minimalism, and the simple solution, you can paint the wall behind the TV the same like the other walls in the room.

tv wall design ideassource


6. To shape the wall behind the TV, you can use wallpapers, panels from plastic, leather, wood etc.

tv wall design ideas


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