Wall Clock For Kids Room


The first clock was placed on the wall centuries ago. Since then, wall clocks are undergoing many changes and improvements. Wall clock can be set in any room, but should not neglect your kid’s room. Wall clock will help the child to respect the order and to develop habits. Shops offer a wide range of models of wall clocks for children’s rooms. Many popular are models of wall clocks with cartoon characters. However, something made with your own hands is very valuable and much cheaper.

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In work can include your children. You can use old clock in full or just decorate. If you want to make a new clock, you can use the mechanism of old clock. As a basis for a wall clock suitable are thin sheet of metal or plastic or thicker cardboard. For decoration you can use whatever is in your home markers, textile applications, artificial and dried flowers, different colored materials, shells and sea pebbles, shells of nuts, beans, pieces crust, images and photographs. By the way, very original wall clock with your own hands can be done with decoupage technique.DIY Wall Clock for Kids Room 3sourceDIY Wall Clock for Kids Room sourceDIY Wall Clock for Kids Room 6sourceDIY Wall Clock for Kids Room 7sourceDIY Wall Clock for Kids Room sourceDIY Wall Clock for Kids Room sourceDIY-LEGO-Clock-CollagesourceDIY-Wall-Sticker-Clock-Removable-Wall-Sticker-Wall-Clock-Kid-s-Room-Decoration-Good-Gift-forsource