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Wedding Dresses 2017 Collection By Zuhair Murad

Wedding Dresses 2017 Collection By Zuhair Murad

With the coming of the wedding day, every bride to be is confused with the question? How to pick a wedding dresses? Actually, every bride wants to be the most beautiful bride, so everything must be perfect- the color, the silhouette, and the style…With what to begin? In today’s article for every bride to be, I present you the Wedding Dresses 2017 Collection by Zuhair Murad.wedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-muradsource

The Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad again doesn’t change himself and add a beautiful collection of wedding dresses decorated with lace and embroidery which create illusion of magical. The wedding dresses with unusual details: layer, embroidery corsets with crystals and extraordinary lace. While I was watching his collection, it seemed like I was in a fairytale, in which every bride is a princess. Besides that, a special accent is put on the see through skirts, the finish with volume which calls for a game of imagination and the game on the border of romanticism. The collection consist a large number of look that use the illusion and transparency. The wedding dresses made from thin fabric, across the entire length are decorated with texture lace application; and it is a great combination of sensuality and romance. So, dear brides to be, enjoy in the beautiful collection.wedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-1sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-2sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-3sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-4sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-5sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-7sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-8sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-9sourcewedding-dresses-2017-collection-by-zuhair-murad-10source


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