Wisteria Flower Tunnel In Japan


Most beautiful flower garden – Wisteria Flowers Tunnel In Japan.As always, the Japanese were leaders in the art of editing, their culture is adorned aesthetics with all types of styles and designs, which are identifiable as yourself. Most beautiful flower garden wisteria flowers tunnel is located in Kitakyushu, with its complex and delicate beauty with precision immediately reveals its roots. It can immediately discover what they are dealing with traditional Japanese gardening.

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When you go through a tunnel of pastel colors, we can not and do not imagine a princess with unicorn, walking beside her. Its wonderful beauty, with properly selected color, Wisteria is a like a scene from a fairy tale. Wisteria tunnel is a member of the family of peas. Decorated with ten different types of vines, in eastern and western garden, on whose curve branches hanging beautiful flowers. After maturity, obtained by cascading long, lavender bunch of different flowering the brilliant pastel tones create a natural lustre and beauty of flowers.

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The Wisteria  is part of botanical delights that include zen gardens and a cherry blossom festival, located in Kitakyushu. Different colors and types is established through a cylindrical grids that during blooming months of April and May becomes a fantastic flower, like a tree in different colors, and becomes fantastic bouquet of flower every year in same time. Make a visit in the spring, when the magic tunnel at the height of bloom, or in another part of the year that calls the second part of a fairy tale, what part of the story you prefer.