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Yoga Poses For Period Pain and PMS

Yoga Poses For Period Pain and PMS

PMS is a so well known that everybody is familiar with it, not only women, but men also.Today, we will recommend yoga poses for period pain and pms. The symptoms of it are irritability, discontent, conflict, sudden outburst of anger and depression, that cause problems, not only for the women herself, but for the others too. In that period, helps doing yoga, without breaking the inner processes and to get rid of the painful syndrome and the PMS. Also, it organizes the work of the entire body, and balances the body in whole. The yoga has useful elements on the entire body, not only on the physiological health but also for the mental health. It helps us to deal with the big number of diseases, but also with disease connected with the female reproductive system. But, depending from the purpose that the person wants to achieve, there is a choice of certain techniques and poses.



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In the first day of the menstruation, if the menstruation is too heavy and painful, it is necessary to completely give up the exercises. In the future, the process of normalizing can be in the first two days. For those who have normal menstruation, everything is in the normal regime of the work. The yoga is very diverse, and offers a wide specter of exercise, even in “critical” times.

And of course, don’t forget on the diet and the good sleep. Here are few advices: avoid salty food. PMS often causes flatulence of the stomach and hold of fluid. That’s why; the too much salt can make your situation worst. Limit the caffeine. Some studies show that the effects of the caffeine can lead to breast enlargement, bigger nervous and general irritability. Sleep well, the dream is very important.


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